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More than just landscape supplies, it’s an idea factory.


Thomas Tree and Landscape offers a wide selection of decorative rock options for your landscape. Choose from smooth river rocks, fieldstone, pea gravel, crushed limestone, gray trap, Bryan’s red rock, purple quartz, and more.

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Sandstone rocks
River rocks
Grey rocks

Natural Stone

Thomas Tree and Landscape can also help with granite boulders and other large scale rock slabs. Add a focal point and another level impact to your landscaping. Delivery available!

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Large field stone
Large boulder


Special blend of mixed dirt to help ensure the best growing conditions for your plants. Ideal for seedbeds, annual & perennial plantings. Sold by the cubic yard.

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Pile of dirt


In addition to visual appeal, mulch offers a range of benefits, from moisture retention to weed suppression. And with a multitude of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, mulch can help transform your outdoor space.

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Pile of red mulch
Brown mulch
Orange mulch
Black mulch


We are proud to offer premium paver stones from these vendors, visit or contact us today to view all of our offerings.

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Vie of a garden with a dog laying in the middle
Patio next to lake


1 Yard of washed Rock/Mulch/Dirt covers:

108 SQ FT @ 3" DEPTH

81 SQ FT @ 6" DEPTH

54 SQ FT @ 9" DEPTH

27 SQ FT @ 12" DEPTH

Flagstone & Stepping Stones:

1" - 2" THICK = APPROX. 85-95 SQ FT PER TON

1 1/2" - 2 1/2" THICK = APPROX. 65-75 SQ FT PER TON

Area Formulas

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